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At times in an artist’s life, a work comes as a great teacher. This shot was taken in the first days of my shooting with a good SLR camera. I was shooting Larry in various poses when he suggested that he dive off the high wall on the side of his pool. When I first saw this photo on the proof sheet, I dismissed it thinking something was awkward about it. When Larry’s partner Del saw the proof, he said, “Tom – I think you have something extraordinary here. You should print this.” As the saying goes – Life is what happens when you are making other plans – Art can be created by a diversion from your plan. An artist can go to great lengths in an effort to capture this exact moment. For me – it was a gift that reminded me that I was a better artist as the conduit through which ideas could channel when I let go control. This photo became a poster for the first ARTISTS AGAINST AIDS SHOW at the INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR PHOTOGRAPHY.