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11 x 14"  ed. of 35<br />
16 x 20"  ed. of 35<br />
24 x 30"  ed. of 25<br />
30 x 40"  ed. of 10<br />
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“Every artist stands on the shoulders of those who came before to see a little further.” When I was waking down a beach on Maui with Carl, we saw this tree trunk. I told Carl, “Mapplethorpe put black men on pedestals after George Dureau made photos of men on pedestals who were midgets or amputees. The pedestal is, of course, a classical idea. I asked Carl to climb the tree. “We’re going to make the Bianchi version of the Mapplethorpe version of the Dureau version of the pedestaled nude.”<br />
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Photo published in OUT OF THE STUDIO